Friday, January 21, 2011

impressive my fine fellow

So I have been holed up in Debs this past week; car troubles, cold weather, and not having the urge to leave. I arrived here at our ever changing abode to find Nate has nearly finished our cabinets. He is amazing folks. Amazing. While I cozy up to the woodstove with a crying child, Nate cuddles with his various saws and creates a kitchen. Many pine boards and a couple boxes of screws later, bam you have yourself cabinets.
We have learned to not lay out dates for when we will be moved in. We've eaten our words one to many times, and folks they taste bitter, very bitter. But I will pronounce that our move in date is getting nearer every time Nate uses one of his various tools. I must admit I am getting very excited. I express this by sorting my craft materials and getting rid of excess clothing. Nate expresses his excitement by working on the house until midnight each night. How does Eedee appreciate this you ask? She doesn't. She expressed herself very clearly the other night when she awoke at 3 a.m. happy to have one of us watch her chew on her various body parts. After spending the time between 5 30 and 9 with dad, Nate had to head to work. She promptly started screaming as soon as the door closed behind his back. We will relish the day that she gets to see him at normal hours.

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  1. IT LOOKS SO FABULOUS!!! SO EXCITED to see the finished product- keep up the awesome work, Nate- and keep being an awesome Mommy, Lia!