Sunday, January 9, 2011

and it continues.

I will just start out apoligizing that I don't have any pictures this time. I keep finding myself with internet without a camera. So I have decided to just post anyways.
This new year has brought much progress for us. We have spent the last two weekens putting the ceiling up. As I am typing Nate and Grandpa John are putting up the last couple boards. The gracious Papa Miles has spent the other three days with Nate doing this task. I must admit I am glad to just cut boards for the boys, and not be the one with my hands over my head for three or four hours at a time.
I have also been able to do some staining around the house; the window wells, railings, that sort of thing. Nate passes his time putting things together; like the bathroom and dining room area. Each ay just gets us a little closer to the finish. We are pretty pumped about that.
Ms. Eedee has been staying content also. Her an I spent our first evening hanging out in the house yesterday, while we waited for Nate to finish his paid job, and it was pretty awesome. I can already tell Eedee loves it, even though her room is filled with chicken wire, paint, and power tools. But I think that's every little girls dream.

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  1. I love following the house progress from afar--hope you don't mind. Also, I do think that Eedee's dream is to live in the Pinewood Wilderness :-)