Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Those are some damn fine walls

So a lot has happened since the last time I've posted about our house. NThe blate, with help from others, framed in our whole house. This consisted of putting in the door frames and all the window boxes. I think we put in 13 windows, which is a fare amount for a house with the square footage of about 670. The windows looked particularly awesome because they have to be placed in boxes about 18 inches deep because the windows need to go on the outside of the house, but the poles that the frame works off is on the inside of the house. So you frame in the windows and then attach these 18 inch deep boxes for the windows to hang out in. It looked awesome.
Then this past weekend we put up all the bales. This was a tedious project, as all of the projects have been on this house, but it was so fulfilling to see. The bales are stacked like bricks, where the seams are put at variable spots. So there was lots of bale haircuts being done, and a giant needle that helped split the bales into smaller bales, you just had to be there. Even I was out there for about eight hours each day, straddling bales, stuffing spots with straw. I was the shit, I mean I didn't see any other 41 week pregnant ladies out there. Not going to lie though, I could barely move on Monday morning though.
We were just so blessed with the beautiful weekend and the help we got. We couldn't have gotten so much accomplished without them. Now this week we are out there every night finishing up the last of the little details and then next weekend comes mudding. Mark it off on your calendar. We need all the help we can get on both Saturday and Sunday. Bring your crappy clothes, some rubber gloves and donate as much or as little time as you have. Perhaps you'll even have a baby to dote over... or a very pregnant lady spreading mud.