Monday, November 15, 2010

getting in the guts of the place

So the main structure of the house is complete. We have walls, the walls are covered in mud, the roof is on, and the floor has been there for awhile now. The insides are getting formed now. Nate has framed in little Eedee's room, the utility room, and the bathroom...really the only rooms in the house that are going to have walls. Nate also dug the well this past week. After pounding in a pipe with a 80 lb pole pounder for an hour and a half, he informed me he would never volunteer for that job... and I can barely lift the pounder, so hopefully we never have to get a new well.
I finished putting up rock in our wood stove room, and I think I am done working with lime for the year. Pretty sure I am pumped about this. My hands and lips are thanking me for not drying them out every other day. I will hopefully finish with that room tonight when I wash it down with acid- don't worry Eedee will be at Grandma's for that project. Nate and I figured we will already mess with her head enough, we probably don't need to add any chemicals to it.
But the project is moving forward, and getting closer to being done every day. Painting the floor, putting up the ceiling, and doing the electrical are the three big things standing in our way. But hey, those seem minor after how much work has gone into it thus far.

Monday, November 1, 2010


So what could have kept me from my blog all this time? What could have distracted me and consumed all of my time? Lia says while trying to bounce a crabby baby on her knee so that she can have ten minutes to write this post that she has already deleted once by accident.
So Nate and I have brought into this crazy world an active baby girl named Ms. Eedee Aliece Larson. She came in at a strong 9 lbs and 10 oz, stretching at 22 1/4 inches.
But don't worry, she has not distracted us from our house goal. i mean, I went into labor putting on the first coat of mud on the outside of the house. Then I returned four days later to help finish up that first coat that we got distracted from. Eedee is a real trooper riding around in her front carrier or being passed between the grandmas.
Four weeks later, we are proud to announce we have finished the mudding of the outside AND inside of the house. It's quite amazing. Nate put in the windows and the ceiling insulation this past weekend, and it's starting to look like we could possibly live there by... by some date.
So I am sorry this post doesn't have more details - like I guess we could say that the mud is made from a mixture of lime, portland, sand, straw, and water... and it's slapped on the walls with your rubber gloved hands... and my family was dragged into this experience, and have all come to the conclusion that they will never build a strawbale house. But Nate and I are not detered. We just look forward to the next step, which brings us closer and closer to the move in date. Imagine - living in your own house and not having to spend every weekend on the same project. It sounds like a dream come true.