Saturday, February 19, 2011

still in shock

So it really happened. Nate and I weren't pouring all of our resources and the resources of others into a blackhole, only to keep giving and giving with no sign of an end. No folks, that was not our fate. We live in that house that Nate started back in the end of May by tearing up the ground with a bobcat.
What's it like? Shocking. Amazing. Speechless. If you were to ask someone who has talked to me about my place since I've moved in, they would most likely describe me as "giddy". I have a hard time putting it in words. I mean I live in the same house as my husband, first off, and he comes home at like a normal time! Unheard of. and Eedee and I don't need to pack up at anytime to go work on a house, we are already there and I can dilly dally around as I need to.
But less about me, and more about the house. Last time I posted, this place had the bare bones, but lacked the personal aspect, those lovely details that you can obsess over.
Nate finished the counters, staining them a beautiful dark brown, and then polying everything he could find. "It makes it so nice and shiny" to quote him. Meanwhile I painted the place. I let Nate know early on that I may be a mother, a wife, and a home owner, and by every meaning of the word - an adult - but that does not mean I need to be an adult about the colors I put on my walls. I refuse to look at any color above the halfway line on the color strip, if you are going to paint color, paint a freakin color. My small child self screaming inside of me came out on our walls. For this reason Nate and I came into agreeance on colors that are not for the weak hearted. We make statements, and they are absolutely beautiful ones.
The most exciting item that we moved into the home is our couch. I believe we bought this couch back in April perhaps May, because we knew we wouldn't have any money by the time we moved into the house, and so we better get something right then. We were so right.
So now we are just relishing our lives. No serious work will be done until spring, just touching up new spots, adjusting things, and waiting for spring. But mainly just breathing this all in. We are finally just another family living in their home.

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  1. LOVELY LOVELY post, Lia.

    You know my favorite part is about the paint :)