Friday, March 4, 2011

the bathroom starts

So Eedee and I went to visit Uncle Per and Auntie Aimee this past weekend, along with Uncle Jude, Auntie Michelle, and Cousin Shiloh. While we were gone Nate felt that it would only be right if he got some work done. So when I returned all of our furniture and rugs had a light coating of sawdust, showing me that a man was living in my home while I was gone. His big project while I was gone was the bathroom vanity. Before that room was just a bunch of crud puchsed in there because we didn't have another spot. Now that stuff is shoved else where, and we actually have a sink and shelves to put bathroom stuff. We don't have septic right now, but we do have a bucket under the drain, so it's PRACTICALLY like a real sink. Oh, and we don't have running water, but I think it's more elegant to wash your hands from a coffe thermos than from a faucet. Ahh, to appreciate life's simple things.