Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Umm... okay Nathan, we'll wait.

The house project is now at a point that I haven't much to say, because I haven't been able to participate in a while. That doesn't mean that nothing is happening, it just means that what is happening is far beyond my capabilities - and Eedee's.
Nate has been working on sealing in the place so we can hook up our woodstove that waits patiently in its little nook. This has included putting up our large, hand-made garage doors, putting up the soffit (soffet? I don't know), and stuffing insulation into cracks around the ceiling.
But then Nate realized he had the inspiration to do the electrical, so he's off and running on that project. He tells me he only has a couple more circuits to run, I nod my head and say "that's great!", meanwhile hoping that really is great, and that two circuits isn't code for "I actuallly have a whole house still to wire!" So I think this means that Nate is almost done with the electric... I don't really know.
So you ask what have Eedee and I been up too? Oh we are surely bonding. Eedee does her exercises, you know rigorous stuff like lifting her head, standing on her legs, flapping her arms. And I guess I am her trainer. This means I also have to be in great shape, and I can promise you I am. I have been lifting my head for the most of these last 23 years, and consider myself a pro. Though I do feel my apprentice could beat me in any arm flapping competition. But I redeem myself through my ability to stand on my legs by myself. Go me.

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  1. What a cute baby! Congratulations on your lovely Eedee and the new house. :-)